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Why Sex Education is So Important, Being an Intimacy Educator & Coach, & More with Alice Little

Oh my gosh, y’all, I am SO excited about today's episode of the Pink Pussy Podcast! The one and only Alice Little joins us on the podcast and we talk about ALL the things! We chat about legal sex work, the problem with the current sex education in America, consent, the stigma of sex in America, a day in the life of a legal sex worker, who can benefit from working with a legal sex worker - and more!

All Things Astrology, Past Lives, Quantum Oracles, Tarot Reading & More with Ellen & Imani from the Woke Mystix

Oohh we’ve got a fun episode for you today on the Pink Pussy Podcast! Today, Chelsea chats with Ellen and Imani of The Woke Mystix! We chat all about astrology, tarot reading, what a Quantum Oracle is, their upbringings, dreams, shadow work, how they do their respective readings, how they got started working together, and so much more! Ellen and Imani also give amazing advice on how to incorporate more self-love into your daily routine.

Fat Positivity, Dealing with Haters, Diet Culture & More with Lia Gordita

On today’s episode of the Pink Pussy Podcast, Chelsea chats with Lia Gordita all about fat positive culture, dealing with haters, how toxic diet culture is and how to feel sexy in your own skin.

Why It's So Hard to Talk About Sex & What It's Like Being a Doula with Cory Bush

Today on the Pink Pussy Podcast, we chat with Cory Bush, sex educator, full-spectrum birth worker, and certified doula! Cory and Chelsea talk about the (crazy) history of birthing practices - seriously, what they used to do back in the day during pregnancy and birth! We also talk about why it’s so hard to talk about sex, why she loves being a doula, and so much more!

Creating & Growing a Sex Toy Company with the Founders of Ioba Toys

Today on the Pink Pussy Podcast, we are joined by Francesca and Martin - the founders of Ioba Toys! We talk about growing up in Europe, creating a sex toy company, influencer marketing in the adult industry, diversity in the influencer marketing industry, normalizing self-pleasure, the future of sex toys, teaching children about sex and so much more!

The Wonderful World of (Millennial) Dating with Leanna Joan

Leanna Joan, host of the Hello & Goodbye podcast, joins us on the Pink Pussy Podcast to talk all things relationship, self-love, and online dating during a pandemic and as a millennial. Leanna is a host, creator, piano teacher, and yoga instructor.

Periods, Vaginas, & Being a Doula with April Davis

April Davis, from the Vagina Blog, joins us on the Pink Pussy Podcast for our very first full episode! April is absolutely amazing - she is an educator, a podcast host, and was also a doula. She writes a lot about vaginas - specifically “maturation & menstruation, incontinence and period panties, sex before, during and after pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum, and more.”


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